Kim & Randy: Engagement

My dear friend Kim and her fiancé, Randy, joined me for such a beautiful evening a few weeks ago for their engagement photos.  We started off with a lot of laughing trying to get their three pups in a photo and ended with a gorgeous sunset out on Prairie Creek Reservoir.  So excited for these two and can't wait for their wedding next year! Enjoy!

Kim & Randy,

I can't wait for your big day next spring!  I loved having the opportunity to photograph this special time in your lives and I'm so thankful for your friendship.  Happy planning!

Until next time!


Sarah & Tyson: Engagement

About a week ago, Sarah, Tyson, and I braved a VERY cold morning, with two of us battling illness, to capture some snowy engagement photos!  We had a great morning despite the cold and sickness and I love how their love totally shines through in these photos.  Enjoy, everyone! 

IMG_0634 1.JPG
IMG_0678 1.JPG
IMG_0629 1.JPG
IMG_0688 1.JPG

Our final stop for photos was Butler's campus.  When we got there, I remembered that we hadn't yet photographed these two in their Notre Dame gear! So...sorry Butler! The Fighting Irish invaded campus for a few shots!  

Such a cool thing to find foliage that matches the theme colors in your photos!  Thanks, Butler! 

Congratulations, you two!  Best of wishes planning a memorable wedding! 

Until next time,


Kanda & Baxter: Engagement

My first session to add to the new blog and I couldn't be more thrilled to share this one with you.  Kanda and Baxter are dear friends of mine who will be celebrating their wedding in December at the Mill Top Banquet & Conference Center.  Together with their [insert adjective for the-most-adorable-two-year-old here] daughter Adleigh, affectionately known as "Punkie," Kanda & Baxter met me at Milltop for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago.

I'd like to say this session went smoothly, but we had a VERY scary moment involving Miss Punkie, Kanda's ring, and a three-story high drop consisting of cement, brick, and metal.  Stay tuned.

That face, though, right!?  This girl is one of the smartest, sweetest, most hilarious-just-like-her-mama girls I've met and she's truly a blessing to everyone around her.  I figured her sweet smile was a good starting point for this post.

IMG_9646 1.JPG

Kanda always has the best ideas in mind for cute photos--from lollipops and swim suits to painting pumpkin's on Punkie's--er--backside.  In our discussions about these photos ideas, she mentioned to me how much Punkie loves to wear her engagement ring and that she would love to get a photo of her wearing it.  "Absolutely!" I replied, eager for that adorable face lighting up while donning her mama's bling.  The thoughts of how a two year old + a diamond ring + being on a third story balcony could go terribly wrong did not enter my mind.  

IMG_9641 2.JPG

Well by now I'm sure you've figured out what happened next.  Punkie got excited, Punkie turned around, and DOWN.WENT.THE.RING.  The next minute and a half proceeded as follows: Molly and Kanda stop breathing, crane their necks over the balcony railing to see Baxter sprinting down the stairs to find what Kanda accurately described as his "savings account" and Punkie, oblivious to it all, says ever-so-innocently, "Where Daddy going?"  Guys, this was seriously such a terrifying moment.  We had just watched Kanda's beautiful ring bounce off of cement steps and subsequently fly into an unknown location.  You can see Baxter below...searching in the plants.  Sigh.  

BUT, alas! He found it!  All diamonds still in place and no obvious damage.  Kanda calmly slipped the ring back on and stated, "Okay, next?" as I stood there wide-eyed with hands shaking.  Phew.

Thankfully, the rest of the session went much more smoothly.  We took a few more with Miss Adleigh and then let Kanda & Baxter enjoy some time to themselves (with me). Enjoy!

IMG_9673 2.JPG
IMG_9982 2.JPG
IMG_9946 2.JPG
IMG_9946 2.JPG

Congratulations, you two!  I can't wait to see what adventures life has in store for your future together.

Until next time!