Kennedy Jane: Newborn

You know those families where you just think, Wow. They really hit the genetic lottery!?  Well you're about to meet one.  The Burkes are one of those families that owe it to us to continue to have adorable babies and, luckily, Miss Kennedy did not disappoint.  This girl was a whopping 9lbs of adorable-ness with jet black hair and eyes that are sure to be just as blue as those of the rest of her family.  Enjoy, everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for more little ones from this sweet family! 

IMG_5608 1.JPG

Of course, I couldn't leave without some pictures of big brother, Eli.  He wasn't a big fan of the camera, but was such a good helper keeping Kennedy's pacifier nearby :).

Burke Family,

Thank you so much for allowing me to again photograph your sweet little family.  It was a pleasure, as always.  Looking forward to watching Kennedy & Eli grow up together!

Until next time!