Olivia Kate: Newborn

This spring was a season of newborns! Miss Olivia Kate entered the world in early April and I was fortunate enough to meet her a few weeks later! She slept so well for our session and big sisters Hailey and Emily loved on her the whole time (and even let me play with their toys while sister was eating :)). Enjoy!


Tim & Kara,

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph another one of your beautiful daughters!  I always have a blast with your girls and I can't wait to see Olivia's personality develop as she gets older; I can only hope she's as sweet and spunky as Hailey and Emily :)

Until next time!


Calvin Grey: Newborn

Sweet Calvin is a few months old now, but I still wanted to share his session. Calvin was a few weeks old at his newborn session (#thirdkid, as his mama put it ;)), but he was a DREAM for the entire session! Sleepy, comfy, and loved being held by big brother Eli and big sister Emma (both of whom loved helping me with many parts of our session :)). Enjoy! 


Just had to capture this moment right here:


Ashley & Brock,

I just love your little (growing!) family!  Thank you for raising three beautiful, smart, kind children.  The world needs more kiddos like yours!  Looking forward to many more opportunities to photograph you all!

Until next time!


Norah Joy Newborn

Sweet Norah Joy made her entrance into the world back in April and I was so honored to be able to capture these first shots of her a week or so later!  She was such a calm, cooperative baby for the entire session and big brother Ethan was such a big helper (and so in love with his baby sister!).  


Davis Family,

Sweet Norah is SUCH a blessing! I'm so thrilled for you guys and can't wait to watch her and Ethan grow up from behind the lens! Thanks for another opportunity to photograph your adorable family.

Until next time!


Claire Carter: Newborn

My first newborn session of 2017 was a fun one! Miss Claire Carter Ridenour arrived a few weeks early so I got to meet her a little earlier than planned :). She was such a gem for all of these photos and big sister Olivia did such a great job helping and holding Claire for their shots together.  Can't wait to watch these girls grow up together! Enjoy!

Brooke & Colin,
Thank you so much for trusting me with these photos of your newest addition. Claire is absolutely perfect and Olivia is, well, even better than she was last time we met. :) Enjoy these new moments as a family of 4!

Until next time!


Kennedy Jane: Newborn

You know those families where you just think, Wow. They really hit the genetic lottery!?  Well you're about to meet one.  The Burkes are one of those families that owe it to us to continue to have adorable babies and, luckily, Miss Kennedy did not disappoint.  This girl was a whopping 9lbs of adorable-ness with jet black hair and eyes that are sure to be just as blue as those of the rest of her family.  Enjoy, everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for more little ones from this sweet family! 

IMG_5608 1.JPG

Of course, I couldn't leave without some pictures of big brother, Eli.  He wasn't a big fan of the camera, but was such a good helper keeping Kennedy's pacifier nearby :).

Burke Family,

Thank you so much for allowing me to again photograph your sweet little family.  It was a pleasure, as always.  Looking forward to watching Kennedy & Eli grow up together!

Until next time!


Eli James: Newborn

Eli's mommy and I have known each other since college and later went on to work together at the hospital.  I was SO excited when I found out she was expecting, as she's already such a fantastic mommy to a sweet 3 year old, Emma.  Eli was one of the best "behaved" babies for this entire session (even through his sister's more defiant moments...;)).  Enjoy, everyone!

Brock, Ashley, Emma, & Eli,

Thank you so much for letting me capture this special time in your lives.  I hope you're enjoying every minute with each other!  Looking forward to more shoots in the future as the kiddos grow up!

Until next time!


Hollis Landry: Newborn

Buckle up and prepare for a long blog post, everyone!  This session was too much fun not to include so many of these photos.  

Jessie & Jake are two frequent photo clients of mine.  From their maternity session to multiple sessions for their daughter, Loryn, I have loved being able to capture moments for such a sweet couple.  They welcomed their first son, Hollis Landry, into the world on April 11th and he could not be any cuter!  Jessie asked if we could do his newborn shoot outdoors and I was so happy she offered.  We had a great time and big sister Loryn was such a good sport through it all (with the help of a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my phone...).  Enjoy, everyone!

This black and white is one of my favorites from this session.  Loryn, at 17 months, is already such an incredible big sister.  She was on paci duty every time Hollis even whimpered & loved on him so well!

Jessie & Jake,

Thank you so much for trusting me with such important photos of your beautiful children.  It is always such a great time when we get together and I love your willingness to go with the flow during our sessions.  Enjoy every minute with these two cuties; you are incredibly blessed!

Until next time!


Sydney Diane: Newborn

It's baby season, ya'll!  I can't wait to share this newborn session with you!  

Shelby is a fellow speech therapist at the hospital where I work full time, so I got to watch this pregnancy from it's earliest announcement.  Shelby and her husband, Trace, decided not to find out the sex of the baby and, you guys, I FOR SURE knew it was a boy.  Everyone else? They thought it was a girl, but nope..not me! I mean, I would've bet the farm on it.  BUT, it's a good thing I didn't, because on March 19th, out came sweet Sydney Diane!  Our newborn session was so laid back and easy and it was so fun to incorporate some of Trace's firefighter pieces into the shots.  Enjoy!

Shelby & Trace,

You're going to make fantastic parents.  Wishing you every happiness in your beautiful new home with your beautiful daughter.  Soak it all up!

Until next time!