Newport Family

When I first met the Newport family a few years ago, I encountered one of the most fun-loving, energetic, LITERALLY up-for-anything families.  Then, with two sweet & super spunky boys, Amy & Andrew were perfect examples of adults who know how to both parent and befriend their children.  Now, with their newest addition Abby Rose, this family continues to be as fun-loving and energetic as before.  Enjoy!

Look out, Abby! It's going to be a wild ride with these brothers of yours! :)

IMG_1666 1.JPG

The following are Ben's depictions of 4/5 emotions from the Inside Out cast :) Meet Fear, Joy, Disgust, & Sadness.  Love when kids have ideas for photos!

Newport Family,

You know how much I love your boys and I love how much Abby already fits in with their energy! I can't wait to watch her grow up with her brothers!

Until next time!