Kramer-Cox & Walters Families

Thirteen. Thirteen is the number of times I have photographed this group of people over the course of 5+ years. From newborn sessions to family sessions, babies to big kids, this group has stuck with me for THIRTEEN SESSIONS. To say it’s fun they’re fun to photograph is an enormous understatement and watching all these kiddos grow up from behind my camera is just such a huge blessing. Enjoy!


If you’re asking children (and who are we kidding, adults too!) to take photos for an hour, silly poses are a MUST.


Did I mention that the Walters Family has a SUPER exciting announcement?


Kristi, Brandon, and Addie have waited SO long and worked SO hard for this rainbow baby. I was beyond thrilled to be able to capture this announcement for them! An let’s talk about how pumped Addie is about being a big sister!


Kanda, Baxter, Adleigh, Briggs, Brady, Kristi, Brandon, Addie, and Baby W,

It is a privilege and so much fun to be able to photograph you all every year (orrrrrr multiple times a year ;)). Thank you for trusting me with such precious milestones in your lives. Love you all dearly!

Until next time,


Timmons Family

Loved catching up with these kiddos again last month!  Isaiah continues to be one of the kindest boys I know and Lila is warming up to me more and more with each session ;).  Sweet little Easton was super chill, too! Enjoy!


I LOVE the reality of this next photo! 


And a few minutes later...we got it :)


Timmons Family,

It is always SUCH a pleasure to spend an hour or so with you all. I've said it a million times, but you are raising three amazing kiddos.  They just get better and better each time :)

Until next time!


Summers Family

Ohh this session was SO fun, you guys! Sweet Ellie and Quinn were super adorable and how cute are their matching outfits!?  We had perfect weather and a beautiful setting at Heritage Park in Fishers. Looking forward to more opportunities with this sweet family of 4! Enjoy!


Summers Family,

I loved having the opportunity to photograph you all and to capture Quinn's (very delicate) cake smash :).  Looking forward to watching these girls grow up in front of the camera! 

Until next time!


Calvin Grey: Newborn

Sweet Calvin is a few months old now, but I still wanted to share his session. Calvin was a few weeks old at his newborn session (#thirdkid, as his mama put it ;)), but he was a DREAM for the entire session! Sleepy, comfy, and loved being held by big brother Eli and big sister Emma (both of whom loved helping me with many parts of our session :)). Enjoy! 


Just had to capture this moment right here:


Ashley & Brock,

I just love your little (growing!) family!  Thank you for raising three beautiful, smart, kind children.  The world needs more kiddos like yours!  Looking forward to many more opportunities to photograph you all!

Until next time!


Griffen Robert: Newborn

As always, I'm late in posting these, but this little man and his brother were too cute not to share! Griffen came to the world a little early, so he was still a little peanut when it was time for photos. He slept the entire time and big brother Parker was so patient waiting his turn for photos with his new brother.  This family is pretty darn beautiful, if you ask me! Enjoy!


Parker was such a sweetie with his little brother and waited so nicely for his turn in front of the camera! Just before he sat down, he found a glove and, as any two year old would, insisted on wearing it for the photos! He was so proud of it and literally wore it for almost the remainder of our time together. Love that his mom, Whitney, enjoyed this as much as I did and gave me the ability to capture this silly moment that totally reflects Parker's spunky personality.


Whitney & Greg,

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you all again this year.  Griffen is the perfect addition to your family and I can't wait to watch him grow in future sessions! Love you guys!

Until next time,


Easton Hollis: Newborn

Another adorable baby to grace the blog in 2018! And this family is one that's very near and dear to my heart. These babies have grown up behind my camera for years now and they're some of the sweetest kiddos around. It was so fun to watch both Lila and Isaiah be big brother & sister to Easton during this shoot.  Baby Easton is one lucky boy! Enjoy!


Easton was a Christmas baby, so of course we had to use this adorable wrap and hat that his mama had ready for the shoot! 


Timmons Family,

Thanks for giving us another perfect baby! :) I seriously love photographing you guys and the photo above shows why. Life with three kids will be an adjustment, but it's going to be SO fun and I can't wait to capture more of it from behind the lens.

Until next time!


Dieringer Family

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with this sweet family and celebrating Wyatt's milestone FIRST birthday! Guys, how cute is this: the theme of his birthday party later that day? Balls. The kid loves balls! Such a fun, simple idea that Shannon made into an adorable birthday party theme.  Big Brother Titus was as adorable as he has always been in previous shoots and we lucked out with great weather after some nasty rain earlier in the week. Enjoy!


Shannon & Andy,

Thank you so much for again entrusting me with capturing these special moments for you! I love spending time with you guys and chatting with Ty :). I can't believe Wyatt is a year old already, but I can't wait for future sessions and watching both boys grow from behind the camera! 

Until next time!


Newport Family

Alright, guys. I have another amazing MJP veteran family to share with you today! The Newports are self-described as "a hot mess", but I couldn't disagree more.  This bunch of kiddos makes every session SO much fun and their spunky personalities make for the BEST candid shots. Amy contacted me about this shoot after getting some not-so-promising news about the health of sweet Gracie dog :(. Gracie has been a part of every family session I've photographed (which is a quite a few!) and we certainly weren't going to risk her not being a part of this one.  Get ready for a whole bunch of cuteness and love from this family. Enjoy!


I love you guys. And I love taking your photos.  You have raised three amazing kiddos and one amazing pup. Thanks for being so candid, playful, and fun.  And most importantly, whether you think you're a hot mess or not, thanks for being YOU!

Until next time!


Kiel Family

Another great session from earlier this summer! This family has spent lots of time behind my camera and I always have so much fun with them! These boys are so happy and sweet and oh-so-photogenic and I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

Kiel Family,

Thank you so much for spending your evening with me and letting me photograph your sweet boys. I enjoy every session with you guys and look forward to many more in the future!

Until next time!


Bates Family

Earlier this summer, the Bates family and I met up in downtown Carmel on a beautiful morning for  this family session. These kids...I tell you what. They're two of the sweetest kiddos! Super expressive, super happy, and super smart. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed this session!

Bates Family,

You know I love you guys! I genuinely look forward to our time together and hearing all the funny things that Vivian has to say! Can't wait to watch these kiddos grow up behind my camera in future sessions. 

Until next time!


Wheelock Family

Whoa, I'm behind on blogging! This is a session from WAY back in the summer, but still worth sharing. The Wheelock family and I battled multiple reschedules due to crazy rain storms, but we finally got together on a beautiful evening in Zionsville. These girls are super sweet and warmed up so easily to the camera. Enjoy!

Wheelock Family,

Thank you so much for trusting me with your family photos again this year. I so enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to continuing to watch the girls grow in future sessions!

Until next time!


Kramer-Cox-Walters Families

So excited to bring this session to you today! These photos are from WAY back in the fall, but who doesn't need a reminder of nice, warm, autumn weather on a cold, dreary January day? :) These two families hold a very special place in my heart.  I have been privileged enough to photograph lots of family milestones for each and look forward to continued sessions in 2017!  Prepare yourselves for some serious cousin-love!


Kristi, Kanda, Baxter, and Brandon,

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your photos again in 2016! I hope you know how much I look forward to our sessions and seeing your smart, sassy little girls! Looking forward to more fun in 2017!

Until next time!


Davis Family

Another throw back to the fall of 2016! I was SO excited when my coworker, Kelley, asked me to photograph her little family.  Ethan is one of those kids you meet and think, I MUST TAKE YOUR PHOTOS. After a very brief moment of shyness, he was quite the little ham and such a trooper after stepping in a large puddle just moments into the session. Beautiful child + beautiful parents + beautiful weather = a GREAT session! Enjoy!

^^ I mean, seriously? 

^^ I mean, seriously? 

Kelley & Josh,

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these photos for you in 2016. I hope all your days of 2017 look half as happy as Ethan does in the photo above :)

Until next time!


Edmondson Family

Alright! Christmas is finished, everyone's cards are mailed so I can finally start posting some of the sessions from this fall! I once posted a photo that a family was going to use for their Christmas card and felt really bad about it, so I like to wait now. However, that results in being SUPER backlogged on blog posts. So prepare yourself, there are many posts to come!

The Edmondson family and I met back in late August on a really, really crappy day. The weather looked ominous all morning, but Mom, Tara, wanted to give it a shot, so we met in Fishers under very cloudy conditions. I'm not kidding you: as SOON as I parked my car, it's like the heavens opened and we got SLAMMED with rain. Not just a sprinkle here and there; I'm talking downpour.  We waited for probably 20 minutes (a testament to these wonderfully patient children) and finally the skies cleared for a short time and we got to take some photos. If you're wondering how this session, ended, though, here's a sneak peek:

I mean, I can't really blame them. Driving to Fishers + waiting for the rain to stop + taking photos for 45 minutes + running back after it started raining again. If it wasn't so darn funny, I might've reacted the same way.

I mean, I can't really blame them. Driving to Fishers + waiting for the rain to stop + taking photos for 45 minutes + running back after it started raining again. If it wasn't so darn funny, I might've reacted the same way.

Alright, here are the real photos from our shoot. :) Enjoy!

Edmondson Family, 

Thank you so much for trusting me with your photos again in 2016! It's always a blast to hang out with you and your kiddos--no matter the weather ;) Here's to sunny skies for our 2017 session!

Until next time!



Craig Family

I love photographing the same families year to year, but I also LOVE meeting new families, especially those with kids as adorable as the Craig boys! Noah and Connor were so much fun and totally put up with me making them traipse through a recently-mowed, very uneven field for these photos :). Enjoy!

WARNING: Coming up.

Parents: PLEASE continue to get photos of just you two together! I don't have children yet, but I think this is SO important! :)

Craig Family,

It was SO great spending the afternoon with you a few weeks ago. Thank you for trusting me with photos of your family. I had a great time with you all and look forward to more fun shoots with Connor and Noah as they grow! 

Until next time!


Rector Family

Another great session from this summer!  Nicole & Bryan have entrusted me with their family's photos more than five times now and it's always so much fun to spend time with them all! These two kiddos are so adorable and I have loved watching them grow.  Gabby got a special treat this time around when we shot some photos of her in Nicole's wedding dress and Jack got to take some photos with his latest obsession! 3...2...1...prepare for cuteness. :)

Okay, backstory for the following flag-themed pictures. Nicole mentioned when we all arrived to this session that Jack is obsessed with flags. As in, points-out-every-flag-he-sees, keep-toy-flags-in-the-diaper-bag kind of obsessed.  So, of course, wanting to capture this [unusual] obsession, we photographed some sweet photos of a flag shirt...with some flags. :)

And now for Miss Gabby in mama's wedding dress.  These were so much fun to do and Gabs was such a trooper in the heat! 

Rector Family,

It means so much to me that you continue to trust me with your capturing these memories of your family! I look forward to continuing watching Gabby & Jack grow! 

Until next time!


Lee Family

Happy Monday! (Is that a thing?)  Looking forward to a beautiful week this week and I'm doing my best to catch up on all these blog posts that are long overdue :). Next up: the Lee family! You may have seen these guys before because this is the FIFTH time I've photographed them!  Sweet Landry was just a few days old when we first met and he just gets cuter every time I see him. Harper is still the best big sister and Katie and Dustin are just as photogenic as ever ;). Enjoy!

Lee Family,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come down for photos. It is always a blast with you all and I've loved watching your kiddos grow up from behind my camera.  Looking forward to our next one!

Until next time!


Reid Family

Every year I get the chance to photograph this adorable family and it is always SO much fun.  Meet Nickella, Brandon, Boston, and Berkley! You may have seen them in previous posts, but I'm excited to share this session with you because, this year, BOTH sets of grandparents were able to join in!  I LOVE when photos become generational; they make such a lasting memory for everyone involved.  Enjoy, guys!

And then, Berkley attacked her brother with grape chapstick. And it was adorable.

Reid Family,

Thank you so much for again giving me the privilege of photographing you and your extended family this year.  Being around you all always brings a smile to my face and I look forward to more sessions with you all in the future.  Thanks for raising such sweet, loving kiddos, too :)

Until next time!


Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

Holy Canoli. It has been a LONG time since I've updated this blog! The final months of 2015 were insanely busy, but I am incredibly thankful for YOU for making it that way! 2015 was just absolutely a blast and I am so thankful that all of you continue to trust me with capturing your family's most precious memories.

Before I post some of the sessions from the end of last year, I figured I would kick off my return to the blog with some of my favorite shots from the Valentine's Day Mini Sessions I held in January.  You guys, these were SO much fun; to the families that participated, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! Based on the success of these sessions this year, I definitely plan on repeating this again in 2017.  Enjoy!

First up, Miss Adleigh Ann, or, to most, "Punkie." This girl has been behind my camera countless times since she was just a few days old. It has been an honor watching her grow into the sweet, sassy, smart girl she is today.

Next: Emma! Emma is the daughter of one of my oldest friends (as in, from birth).  It'd been awhile since we'd seen each other and I loved this opportunity to both photograph Emma and catch up with her mama!

Willow! This girl has a BIG personality and is so much fun to photograph. Willow's mama is an excellent photographer herself, so I was thrilled when she asked to participate in these mini sessions! 

The Dowdles are three of the most kind-hearted children I know.  Alex & Ben are such great big brothers to Anna and she clearly adores both of them! 

Jaylan is another cutie that I've had to chance to photograph previously! She wasn't so sure about this setup at first, but we got some smiles by the end of our time together! :)

Sweet Parker was my youngest valentine of the weekend.  At just 3 months, it's amazing the smiles this little man can produce! He had to start off serious, of course, to keep up appearances ;).

The weekend ended with this blond haired, blue eyed BIG boy who I haven't seen since he was itty bitty!  Emmett is the son of two good old friends of mine and, again, it was great to be able to use our session to catch up!  Emmett rocked these photos, though. As in, child model rocked it. Just sayin'. 

Poor Amy was sick on the day of her scheduled Valentine's shoot, but we managed to make it up the following weekend! And, clearly, she was feeling much better! Look at that smile!

That's it, folks! It was a whirlwind weekend, but oh so much fun. I loved seeing all of these kiddos--even just briefly--and catching up with their families.  

See you next year, V-day!

Linch Family

I have photographed this family for several years now and let me tell you guys, I have LOVED watching these boys from behind the camera.  Austin is such an attentive big brother for Brody and watching Brody grow to idolize Austin has been so adorable.  Last year, Brody was still a little timid for photos, but this year? As a big 2 year old? He was LOVING it.  It was so sweet how both boys loved to cheese for the camera! But enough of me talking...enjoy!

These photos were taken at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, where Lisa and Justin got married a little over 7 years ago.  They have a wedding photo kissing on this bridge, so it was super special to recreate this moment with their two kiddos so many years later!

Linch Family,

I hope you know how much I love photographing you all and really just spending that time with your boys.  They are so much fun and always so sweet.  I look forward to more sessions in our future and watching Brody & Austin grow!

Until next time!