Sydney Diane: Newborn

It's baby season, ya'll!  I can't wait to share this newborn session with you!  

Shelby is a fellow speech therapist at the hospital where I work full time, so I got to watch this pregnancy from it's earliest announcement.  Shelby and her husband, Trace, decided not to find out the sex of the baby and, you guys, I FOR SURE knew it was a boy.  Everyone else? They thought it was a girl, but nope..not me! I mean, I would've bet the farm on it.  BUT, it's a good thing I didn't, because on March 19th, out came sweet Sydney Diane!  Our newborn session was so laid back and easy and it was so fun to incorporate some of Trace's firefighter pieces into the shots.  Enjoy!

Shelby & Trace,

You're going to make fantastic parents.  Wishing you every happiness in your beautiful new home with your beautiful daughter.  Soak it all up!

Until next time!