Rector Family

Another great session from this summer!  Nicole & Bryan have entrusted me with their family's photos more than five times now and it's always so much fun to spend time with them all! These two kiddos are so adorable and I have loved watching them grow.  Gabby got a special treat this time around when we shot some photos of her in Nicole's wedding dress and Jack got to take some photos with his latest obsession! 3...2...1...prepare for cuteness. :)

Okay, backstory for the following flag-themed pictures. Nicole mentioned when we all arrived to this session that Jack is obsessed with flags. As in, points-out-every-flag-he-sees, keep-toy-flags-in-the-diaper-bag kind of obsessed.  So, of course, wanting to capture this [unusual] obsession, we photographed some sweet photos of a flag shirt...with some flags. :)

And now for Miss Gabby in mama's wedding dress.  These were so much fun to do and Gabs was such a trooper in the heat! 

Rector Family,

It means so much to me that you continue to trust me with your capturing these memories of your family! I look forward to continuing watching Gabby & Jack grow! 

Until next time!