Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

Holy Canoli. It has been a LONG time since I've updated this blog! The final months of 2015 were insanely busy, but I am incredibly thankful for YOU for making it that way! 2015 was just absolutely a blast and I am so thankful that all of you continue to trust me with capturing your family's most precious memories.

Before I post some of the sessions from the end of last year, I figured I would kick off my return to the blog with some of my favorite shots from the Valentine's Day Mini Sessions I held in January.  You guys, these were SO much fun; to the families that participated, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! Based on the success of these sessions this year, I definitely plan on repeating this again in 2017.  Enjoy!

First up, Miss Adleigh Ann, or, to most, "Punkie." This girl has been behind my camera countless times since she was just a few days old. It has been an honor watching her grow into the sweet, sassy, smart girl she is today.

Next: Emma! Emma is the daughter of one of my oldest friends (as in, from birth).  It'd been awhile since we'd seen each other and I loved this opportunity to both photograph Emma and catch up with her mama!

Willow! This girl has a BIG personality and is so much fun to photograph. Willow's mama is an excellent photographer herself, so I was thrilled when she asked to participate in these mini sessions! 

The Dowdles are three of the most kind-hearted children I know.  Alex & Ben are such great big brothers to Anna and she clearly adores both of them! 

Jaylan is another cutie that I've had to chance to photograph previously! She wasn't so sure about this setup at first, but we got some smiles by the end of our time together! :)

Sweet Parker was my youngest valentine of the weekend.  At just 3 months, it's amazing the smiles this little man can produce! He had to start off serious, of course, to keep up appearances ;).

The weekend ended with this blond haired, blue eyed BIG boy who I haven't seen since he was itty bitty!  Emmett is the son of two good old friends of mine and, again, it was great to be able to use our session to catch up!  Emmett rocked these photos, though. As in, child model rocked it. Just sayin'. 

Poor Amy was sick on the day of her scheduled Valentine's shoot, but we managed to make it up the following weekend! And, clearly, she was feeling much better! Look at that smile!

That's it, folks! It was a whirlwind weekend, but oh so much fun. I loved seeing all of these kiddos--even just briefly--and catching up with their families.  

See you next year, V-day!